myCollegeOptions Creates Resources for Students in Engineering and Technology

mcoWebLogoOne mission of is to ensure every student has access to the information and resources they need for a successful future. That mission is uniquely challenging when it comes to students with an aptitude for engineering and technology. Some causes for this are, the related industries are constantly evolving, high school and college level courses and degree programs are less prevalent, and students are less likely to have adult influencers in their lives that are professionals in those fields. For these reasons and more, in 2015, is dedicating tremendous time and resources to increase awareness, access and connections for high school students interested in STEM careers.

“We know that many secondary students, especially young women, never receive the encouragement to pursue or even the awareness of careers in a STEM field. Working with MWM is one great action we can take in changing that reality.”

– Ryan Munce – myCollegeOptions

“Where are the STEM Students” Online Data Visualization Platform

Understanding the landscape of past and current secondary student interest in STEM disciplines is critical to impact the future STEM workforce in America. Using cutting edge data visualization and web technology, myCollegeOptions is launching a tool that will provide unprecedented access to national student interest data, and the power to create actionable intelligence that can help programs like Million Women Mentors achieve their missions.

STEM Edition of the myCollegeOptions Outreach Program

In June of 2015, myCollegeOptions is launching a national, cooperative campaign to promote and increase attainment of college degrees and careers in STEM disciplines. This cooperative effort will provide the right content, support and engagement while building a measurable pipeline of motivated students. The program is a multi-channel, targeted campaign design for maximum impact and engagement. It includes a career encouragement “kit” delivered to the home, electronic communications, online engagement portal, and more.

7th Annual Education Research Summit

On May 15, 2015 a summit focused on “Shaping our Nation’s Future Workforce” will highlight and seek to replicate and grow the impact of successful initiatives across the country that are currently achieving this shared mission. The event is from 9:00am to 2:30pm at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel in Washington DC.

For more information about and any of these programs, go email us at

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