Massachusetts and Rhode Island – 10,000 STEM Mentors from Corporations, Graduate Students, College Science Departments, Government and More

The Southern New England Girls Collaborative Project (SNEGCP) is committed to engaging 10,000 STEM mentors over the next three years across Massachusetts and Rhode Island as part of the Million Women Mentors movement. We are working to build a strong group of STEM professionals ready to mentor and serve as needed role models to encourage girls to consider STEM majors and careers. According Southern New England Girls Collaborative Project Co-Lead, Jenna Canfield, “We are excited to move forward with recruitment now that infrastructure is in place to effectively recruit and match potential mentors. It was critical for the SNEGCP to be able to provide assurances to the pledges that there will be follow-up.”

We began an initial recruitment effort at the Massachusetts STEM Summit on October 22, 2014, and will be planning a winter kick-off event. The SNEGCP has partnered with members of the Governor’s STEM council and the Office of Workforce and Labor to roll out the MWM Movement in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Governor Patrick mentioned us in his opening remarks at the MA STEM Summit on October 22, 2014. We arranged to have a table at the Summit and distributed information about both the NGCP and the MWM initiative. We also had computers set up for folks to directly sign up to pledge.

In 2015, the Collaborative will continue to engage mentors in Massachusetts and Rhode Island by talking to 20 STEM companies and getting 100 people at each company to pledge, soliciting post-doctoral and graduate students’ societies to pledge 100 each, and reaching out to 20 college science departments to pledge faculty. We will continue to explore the collaboration with the incoming new Governor’s administration and their offices to increase our outreach to STEM mentors in the workforce.

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