BP’s Commitment to Mentoring and STEM Education

BPPc4lbgBP is committed to playing a leading role in securing America’s energy future. This will require cutting-edge innovation as well as the brilliant minds of the next generation of innovators. Today’s students need a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.

As part of that commitment, BP is proud to support Million Women Mentors because mentorship can have a powerful, lasting effect on a young person’s life. This partnership provides BP employees the opportunity to pledge to be a mentor – and make a difference by putting their pledges into action. The program also provides meaningful connections and opportunities for those considering volunteering as a mentor for the first time.

“BP employees have a wealth of experience and knowledge in STEM-based subjects,” said Kathleen Martinez, senior director, national strategic relationships. “As energy professionals, we exist to inspire and instill confidence in young women while empowering them to pursue a career in a STEM-based industry.”

BP has started a Million Women Mentors leadership council made up of several women in key roles for the company who encourage mentorship engagement. The members include:

  • Janet Weiss, regional president, BP Alaska
  • Mary Streett, vice president, U.S. Government Affairs
  • Marta Vasel, vice president, Strategic Accounts
  • Leigh-Ann Russell, vice president, Global Wells Organization
  • Terry Wood, technology vice president, Strategy, Planning & Communications
  • Khymberly Booth, director, U.S. University Relations

“Without guidance and mentors, I would not be where I am today in my professional career,” said Mary Streett, vice president, U.S. Government Affairs. “It’s crucial to have someone whose experience you value and respect. I cherish those who have been there for me, and I get as much or more out of serving in that role for others.”

BP set a global goal to have women in 25 percent of group leadership roles and 30 percent of senior level leadership roles by 2020. By fostering girls’ interest and confidence in STEM education, BP aims to increase the number of women in these fields.

BP’s STEM strategy has a combination of national and regional initiatives to equip both teachers and BP employees so they can inspire students to pursue STEM career paths.

BP has supported STEM education in the U.S. for more than 60 years, and it continues with that commitment today. Since 2012, BP invested more than $45 million in STEM education and continues to invest tens of millions of dollars to support STEM each year.

For more information on BP’s activities in STEM education, please visit bp.com/STEMed.

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