New York Academy of Science Supports Girls in STEM Pursuits

“By connecting young women from around the world with professional women working in STEM fields we will continue to support equity in STEM via our in-person and online mentoring programs, encouraging our current cohort over 22,000 members to support us. Each of our 1000 Girls – 1000 Futures mentees will receive one-to-one mentorship from a female STEM graduate or professional, and they will be individually matched to create optimal mentor-mentee pairs,”

-Dr. Meghan Groome, Executive Director of Education and Public Programming

The New York Academy of Sciences has a long tradition of ensuring young people are supported in their STEM pursuits, and thus this year the Academy partnered with Million Women Mentors to expand this important form of support.

To date, the Academy has reached more than 1,100 girls through its mentoring programs across the US. In order to make an even larger impact, in spring of 2015 the Academy will launch 1000 Girls – 1000 Futures, a Clinton Global Initiative commitment to action. This $2 million commitment is part of wider program at the Academy called the Global STEM Alliance, an unprecedented global public-private partnership with the goal of improving access to STEM education around the world through a bespoke online learning platform. 1000 Girls – 1000 Futures is based on the Academy’s successful NeXXt Scholars program for young women, established with the United States Department of State.

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