Texas’ Strategy for Mentoring 20,000 Girls and Young Women in STEM

The Texas Girls Collaborative Project (TxGCP) is committed to engaging 20,000 STEM mentors across Texas as part of the Million Women Mentors movement. The Texas STEM industry (energy, biosciences, space, semiconductor, gaming, medicine, high tech and more) and Texas universities have thousands of amazing students, post docs, faculty, administrators and STEM professionals ready to mentor and serve as needed role models to encourage girls to consider STEM majors and careers. According to TxGCP Collaborative Lead and Women in Engineering Program Director at The University of Texas at Austin, Tricia Berry, “STEM collegiates and professionals want to give back and mentor those coming behind them. Schools, informal science organizations and out of school programs continually need role models and mentors to support their curriculum and programs. Our aim is to help connect these opportunities across our state.

In order to reach 20,000 STEM mentors, TxGCP is partnering with existing networks and mentoring resources across the state such as Central Texas Discover Engineering (Austin area), STEMFire (Dallas area), and SASTEMIC (San Antonio area). In addition, TxGCP is leveraging national platforms such as the FabFems role model database, the National Girls Collaborative Project Program Directory, MentorNet, Nepris and nPower. By partnering with these programs and connecting with Million Women Mentor sponsors with a Texas presence such as Accenture, Cisco, Freescale and Lockheed Martin, TxGCP looks forward to transforming the STEM mentoring landscape in Texas.

Moving forward, TxGCP will continue to educate STEM mentors, role models and those who utilize STEM mentors and role models across the state as part of a Techbridge Role Models Matter curriculum dissemination. Ensuring STEM mentors use the best messaging and practices to engage kids in STEM is a guiding principal across TxGCP leadership. Expanded outreach to organizations, universities and companies with STEM collegiate or professionals will continue through 2015 as Texas continues to create a strong STEM mentoring foundation. To explore partnerships, host a role model workshop, or join the movement in Texas, contact STEM@txgcp.org.

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