Apollo Education Group is Working to Close the Gender Gap in STEM

ApolloAs an education company, we know that statistically female high school students are less likely than their male counterparts to pursue college majors in STEM. This is a gender gap that we have to work hard to close quickly in order to support a diverse and empowered workforce.”

– Mike Sajor, Chief Information Officer for Apollo Education Group.

Two months after taking the Million Women Mentors pledge of 4,000 mentors, Apollo Education Group is proud of the foundation it has built to champion women pursuing STEM career fields. As an organization, Apollo Education Group recognizes the important need in today’s world for support around women in STEM – and we’re acting on this commitment in a number of ways throughout our organization.

Here are a few of the efforts we’re most proud of:

  • Programs like the Women’s Leadership Initiative and the Finance Department mentoring program are vital to closing the gender gap and provide leadership development for women in STEM and other important fields through coaching, strategic projects and support.
  • We’re using our creative assets to help spread awareness with efforts like a campaign video featuring Mike Sajor, Chief Information Officer for Apollo Education Group, discussing the important need for cultivating more women in STEM careers.
  • Employee volunteerism supporting community partners with a focus on STEM career preparedness including opportunities mentoring young women at science challenges, providing instruction on how to code, career day presentations and job shadowing for high school students to help foster an interest in STEM fields in younger generations.

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