MentorNet and Great Minds in STEM Facilitate Mentoring of the Next Generation of U.S. STEM Talent

mentor net new white logoGreat Minds Logo high RezMentorNet – a division of Great Minds in STEM (GMiS) – implements a national, guided one-to-one mentoring program that matches STEM students with STEM professionals in high-quality, virtual mentorships.

Anna Park, CEO of GMiS, states, “MentorNet is a comprehensive STEM mentoring program in the U.S., providing students from freshman year through the doctoral level with mentors working in a variety of STEM fields. GMiS and MentorNet are working to build a ‘Diverse 21st Century STEM Workforce’ in which all citizens contribute to innovation and experience prosperity.”

As a newly launched open social network for mentoring, MentorNet connects STEM students in higher education with STEM professionals by preferential matching of their profiles. Any STEM student in an accredited institution of higher education in the U.S. and professionals with STEM degrees may join by creating a profile at MentorNet’s social network and guided mentoring program were developed in 2014 with the support of lead sponsors LinkedIn, Google, and Oracle.

How MentorNet Works

MentorNet’s guided mentorships address topics known to impact student’s persistence and success in STEM fields, with special focus on challenges faced by under-represented groups including women, minorities, and 1st-generation college students. As the student advances in their education, MentorNet’s discussion topics evolve to reflect their current educational level and concerns.

STEM students and their mentors communicate for 20 minutes weekly over a four-month mentorship. At the end of a mentorship, a student may continue with their current mentor or seek a new one. Over time, MentorNet helps students create a personal network of professional support.

Our near-term goal is to support the 50% of students who divert from STEM majors by connecting them with mentors who can help them to persist and succeed. Our long-term goal is to connect thousands of STEM students and professionals in effective mentorships, creating a prevalent culture of mentoring in STEM fields.

We invite you to share MentorNet with your professional, university and student networks. MentorNet’s guided, one-to-one mentorships are rewarding, convenient and free to STEM students and professionals.

To review MentorNet’s new platform in less than three minutes

To learn more about ‘How MentorNet Works”

To join as a Mentor or Protégé!

Interested in a partnership in support of your STEM community, contact us at:

About Great Minds in STEM™

Great Minds in STEM™ (GMiS) has a 27-year history of keeping America technologically strong through the delivery of national STEM awareness programs focused on students, parents and teachers in under-served communities. Through the GMiS STEM network, academic and career development opportunities are offered to students who are under-represented in STEM fields. Our legacy is noted in the STEM professionals – particularly Hispanic engineers and scientists –who we honor nationally as role models to aspiring STEM talent. To learn more about GMiS:

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