Lockheed Martin Pledges to Mentor 1,000 Young Women in STEM

lockheed-martinAdvancing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education is a critical focus for Lockheed Martin. We know firsthand the importance of educating and mentoring our young people in these areas. Our company’s future success and our nation’s technological advantage depend on a constant supply of highly trained, highly capable technical talent.

“We believe strongly that advancing STEM education requires collaboration among a number of key stakeholders, including industry, educators, policy makers and families,” said Rainia Washington, Lockheed Martin’s vice president of Culture, Diversity and Equal Opportunity Programs. We understand a mentor can serve a critical role in shaping a student’s decision to pursue a STEM career and we’re committed to exposing students to successful role models to counter negative stereotypes and provide guidance. Lockheed Martin employees proudly spent countless hours mentoring 260 girls/young women in STEM in 2014 and pledge to mentor 1,000 girls/young women in 2015.

To help strengthen the workforce pipeline, Lockheed Martin provides generous funding to STEM education outreach activities for students from elementary school through college. We are committed to supporting programs, events and campaigns that focus on student achievement, teacher development, and gender and ethnic diversity. Through our outreach, we provide opportunities for employees to interact with the next generation of engineers and technologists by serving as local school advisors, extracurricular activity mentors and career role models for students in communities where we live and work.

We are committed to fully supporting Million Women Mentors today and tomorrow.

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