California’s Breakthroughs in Mentoring of Girls/Women

The California Girls in STEM (CalGirlS) Collaborative Project is committed to engaging 4,000 STEM mentors over the next three years across the State of California as part of the Million Women Mentors movement. Organizations like Expanding Your Horizons, Iridescent, Techbridge, and the California STEM Network are working together to build a strong group of STEM professionals ready to mentor and serve as needed role models encouraging girls and young women to consider STEM majors and careers.

According to the CalGirlS Collaborative Project Team Lead, Sherry Hsi, “Mentors have so much to offer! Young girls are filled with curiosity and wonder about the world. Guidance, support and encouragement from a mentor can help build a young person’s self-esteem, interest, and identity in science, computing, math, and engineering. We are thrilled to help build a strong mentor network in California.”

To date, we have secured approximately 1,400 mentors, more than any other state. In 2015, the Collaborative will continue to engage mentors in California by leveraging the business and industry connections within our Leadership Team and Champions Board members, promoting the Million Women Mentors initiative via the Collaborative e-newsletter, email messaging, events, and social media platforms, and supporting local mentors with opportunities to actively role model/mentor through the FabFems Project.

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