Tata Consultancy Service’s Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion and STEM Mentoring

TCS“Our partnership with Million Women Mentors is a part of our company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Through MWM, we are encouraging our associates to mentor women and girls by sharing their passion and experiences in IT, inspiring mentees to pursue STEM education and careers. We are committed to having our employees in the United States and across the globe participate in mentorship programs to improve the employability of women and girls involved in STEM programs. We believe that MWM can create pathways for women and girls, and understand that this effort will require action from everyone, men and women alike.”

-Surya Kant, President North America, United Kingdom, and Europe

Tata Consultancy Services thrives on diversity and supports inclusion. Our global workforce comprises of employees from 119 nationalities and we operate in 46 countries. We have recently reached the milestone of one hundred thousand women employees worldwide including 300 employees in an all-female technology center in Saudi Arabia. All our employees are vital to our sustainable and continued growth, whose ability to bring in a different set of ideas and perspectives, are the driving force that will power the company forward. We also recognize that our clients represent many different industries and collectively serve millions of diverse consumers around the world.

The technology solutions that TCS provides must reflect the global needs and business challenges of our clients, which can be best served through a diverse and global workforce — whether that’s experience, culture or thought process.

Over the past 6 years, TCS employees have been bringing goIT, a capacity building educational platform, to classrooms across the US and now Canada where they serve as STEM volunteer mentors in the classroom inspiring students, many of which are girls, to pursue careers in technology while teaching much-needed digital fluency skills. This past year alone, almost 500 volunteers have mentored more than 1200 students.

As a proud founding sponsor of MWM, TCS has pledged to mobilize 15,000 employees globally to serve as mentors and help guided girls and young women into STEM careers. By working together and strategically, our efforts at TCS will help close the STEM gender achievement gap.

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