MWM Iowa Makes Waves with Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.33.19 AM Led by Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds, MWM-Iowa has pledged to have 5,000 mentors committed to mentor young women in STEM education and STEM careers by the year 2018. We are so excited to see the momentum that MWM-Iowa has provided in bringing attention to the gap in STEM fields between men and women, and what opportunity we can provide by connecting business leaders, educators and government leaders to work on closing that gap.

In addition to our pledge, we have committed to work closely with our STEMConnector Hubs across the state to connect our mentors to volunteer opportunities in all 99 counties across the state. We are also supporting the initiative in three primary subsets:

1) We began a calling initiative to our business leaders to collect pledge commitments within businesses.

2) We launched a local web portal to provide information on the MWM-Iowa effort and how to get involved. In the first month, we had more than 500 people visit the site, with many of them going on to register on the national site.

3) We partnered with the big four colleges in Iowa to launch “Coaches Challenge for Mentoring” involving each of the head women’s basketball coaches at the colleges to promote MWM-IA. In addition, the Iowa High School Girls Athletic Union also signed on to partner with us to promote MWM-Iowa across the state.

Where we stand!

We launched our statewide MWM-Iowa initiative on Wednesday, September 24 with several of our business leaders, partners and Executive Council in attendance. Since the launch of MWM-IA, we have had corporate pledges from 11 companies totaling more than 1,800 commitments to date. MWM-IA connects individual mentors to organizations in need of mentors through our local website.

“Launching MWM-Iowa is another part of our statewide strategy to attract individuals to STEM positions. In particular, I believe mentors can guide, encourage, and open doors for young girls and women to be fully equipped for the great jobs of tomorrow in STEM-related careers, and those jobs exist right here in our great state,” said Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds.

Lt. Governor Reynolds went on to say, “In Iowa and throughout the United States, STEM is a driving force behind economic growth, stability and educational success. That’s why we’re creating an environment in Iowa that prepares all of our students with the necessary skills to compete in a global knowledge-based economy. This is and will continue to be an economic movement for generations to come.”

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