UST Global: Providing STEM Training to Women of Color Through Step IT Up America

UST-Global-logoSTEM education is a national priority; UST Global is dedicated and stands united with Million Women Mentors, to connect with and inspire young woman across the nation.  Our vision at UST Global is to create 5,000 new technology career jobs by 2020 for women of color. We are gratified to share our first year’s accomplishment, mentoring 300 women in the STEM field.

Step IT Up America (SIUA), a UST Global nation program provides a vital formula to train and employ women of color who live in major metropolitan communities. This long-term initiative equips the recruits with the technological skills to launch successful IT careers.  Each candidate participates in 4 months of training 8 hours per day. The women are compensated hourly for their training and then transferred to salaried positions upon mastery of all course content.

STEM creates the basic skill sets needed for innovation. Nations and humanity at large depend on innovation to solve increasingly complex problems in healthcare, resource constraints (food, water and air), energy, and shelter. Without STEM talent, our nation would fall behind – and that would be detrimental to our economic development. At UST Global, we fashioned Step IT Up America to fast-track IT education and help meet our own need for talent. We are working with local community colleges, foundations, and civic organizations to identify women who have the desire and aptitude to be successful in the program. The selected women, with our experts, structure, and processes, will be provided advanced training and career opportunities.

UntitledLos Angeles launch –Atlanta Trainee, April Blount

“This is such a great opportunity to grow and expand into the information technology field. I can tell you it is a very rigorous program. I have spent a lot of late nights up studying, a lot of late nights just preparing for the weekly tests and exams. But it is a great step up for us to thrive and succeed in the world of technology. Any woman can do this job! We have always been testers in our life—if you have an iPhone, you’ve tested, if you have an Android, you’ve been a tester. Anyone can thrive in Step IT Up, to do the job.”


Los Angeles launch – Atlanta Trainee, Jaleesa Carter              

“Step IT Up for me is more than just an opportunity, honestly it’s a chance to transform your life given you are willing to work hard and you have that fire inside that keeps you alive and wanting to learn more. I am going to be honest: so far, we have learned a lot. I have filled up two composition notebooks, front and back, but I say all this to say that it is a very intense program but at the end it’s worth it. Before I came here, I was a teacher, and I wanted more, I wanted a challenge, and I wanted to stimulate my mind. This program has been everything and more in meeting my expectations.”

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